Incorporated in 1983, Tijara & Real Estate Investment Company began business as a low scale real estate establishment, later in 1997, the company went through several phases of expansion, changing & diversification which altered the company's nature transactions to be in compliance with the Islamic Sharia’h & to include different businesses actions thus leading to streams of revenue, increase in the company’s capital and stock market listing in 2005.

The company's growth continued from strength to strength and so its variance into other businesses, entry into foreign markets and its robust financial capacity is a result of several man years of accumulated experience, thorough knowledge of the market, sound operational principles, well planned strategies that are characterized by transparency and integrity and above all a deep rooted commitment to growth. Tijara & Real Estate Investment Company has believed in quality, the creation of value and in being updated with technology. In all its projects, one can see these core values being reflected.

On its path to growth, the company faced several challenges, nevertheless it managed to overcome obstacles and achieve its intended goals. This was possible due to the company’s conscious policies to mitigate risks and maximize profits for its shareholders, while upholding the trust and cordial relationships maintained with the government, banks and financial institutions of the country and a unique management style that is futuristic in its thinking. In this regards, the company is well trained and fully attuned to the needs and aspirations of its shareholders. This is reflected in the high credit rating that Tijara & Real Estate Investment Company received from Capital Intelligence and in the ISO 2000 - 9001 Certificate too.

The company employs the latest technology and sophisticated equipment in all its work spaces and continuously strives to offer the best work environment to its people. Specialized training courses are conducted periodically to develop the company's human resources, increase productivity and keep people motivated.

Today, Tijara & Real Estate Investment Company is one of the most successful organizations in Kuwait and in the Gulf region. The Company's focus now is not just to meet but to exceed the ambitions of our shareholders and to take on the future with renewed confidence and determination, not just to succeed but to innovate..