23JUL 1923JUL 19

Disclosure- Sale of Usufruct of Property

23JUL 1923JUL 19

Results of Tijara BOD Meeting

18JUL 1918JUL 19

Tijara BOD meets in 22/7/2019

09MAY 1909MAY 19

Results of Tijara General Assembly Meeting for the year ending 31/12/2018

29APR 1929APR 19

BOD results for the first quarter of 2019

24APR 1924APR 19

Tijara BOD meets in 29/04/2019

21APR 1921APR 19

Invitation to attend “Tijara” AGM for fiscal year ending 31/12/2018

21APR 1921APR 19

“Tijara” holds its General Assembly on 09/05/2019

21JAN 1921JAN 19

Disclosure of material information- Ijara Agreement

17DEC 1817DEC 18

As part of its annual community contribution initiatives, “Tijara” organizes an open day for blood donation.